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The number of working age populations in Finland is declining, and there is not enough skilled labor in all sectors. Therefore, the Finnish government promotes study- and work-related immigration.

Recruiting an international talent can raise many questions. You may be wondering if the employee is qualified enough, if there will be problems with language skills, and how the employee will adapt to the workplace and culture.

On this site you will find information on these and many other questions.  

Is your organisation lacking skilled workforce?

Let us help you! In these pages we show how to find skillful international talents for your needs. You can also find information about the work permit process needed when recruiting talents outside EU.

Are you ready for multicultural working environment?

Test your readiness to lead a multicultural work community. The test is aimed at people in supervisory, HR, and management positions. It takes about ten minutes to complete the test. You will get the result of your Talent Boost index and good tips in response.

Steps to hire International Talents

Educational institutions near you and their international students are often the easiest starting point when considering hiring international talents. You can trust the quality of education and the students are already familiar to Finnish society. Moreover, even the students outside the EU area have a residence permit that includes a right to work besides studies. Securing a work permit is also straightforward after graduation from Finnish educational institution.


Start supervision

Make sure that the employee has the right to work. Focus on inducting the new employee into the job and appoint a support person for them.

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