Group mentoring programme spring 2024

International students who have completed their degrees in Eastern Finland have significant employment potential, which has not been properly utilized. The challenge is that students do not form enough connections with Eastern Finnish working life during their studies. After graduation, employment is difficult, especially for university graduates, and up to half of them move out of the region after graduation. Talent Hub Eastern Finland, co-funded by the European Union, aims to develop international students’ working life connections, e.g. through mentoring.

Group mentoring programme for degree students of University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Appliend Sciences. In group mentoring you can share your own experiences and knowledge to small group (2-4) of students. The students can be from different backrounds and study level. The group will be chosen according their own wishes regarding the mentoring. The programme will be executed during the spring 2024

The schedule of the programme is the following (the overall workload per mentor is aprox. 20 h)

  • Online training for mentors (in English) on Thu. 14th December 2023 at 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Online kick-off meeting on Wed. 17th January 2024 at 2pm – 4pm
  • 4 to 6 mentoring meetings with your own group. You can choose together with your group whether you want your group to meet online or if you wish to meet face to face.
  • Online intermediate meeting for mentors on Wed. 13th March 2024 at 2pm – 4pm
  • Final meeting on Thu. 16th May 2024 at 2pm – 5pm at the UEF premices (AU112 in Joensuu, CA305 in Kuopio)

The themes of the mentoring can be: professional growth and career development, identifying one’s own competence, job search skills, self-branding / social media visibility (LinkedIn) and networking, Finnish culture and working life, motivation and future goals, entrepreneurship and (research) funding, well-being at work and time management.

Mentoring can be executed either face to face or online. The group agrees on the method of implementation and possible face to face meetings*.

A mentor in this programme is a person in working life who can offer support, new perspectives and networks to group of students. The aim is to form mentoring groups around the areas of expertise of the mentors. However, depending on the background of the applicants the groups may also be multidisciplinary. All professionals in working live have plenty to offer to students regardless of their study field.

Mentoring offers the mentor

  • new perspectives and fresh information about actors’ training fields
  • possibilities to expand professional networks
  • development of coaching and interaction skills
  • the opportunity to learn about different cultures
  • the opportunity to structure and mirror your own skills and experience.

As a mentor, you are expected

  • active listening and to be present on agreed meeting times (about once a month)
  • to give support for the development of actors’ working life skills
  • readiness to agree on practical issues with the actor group
  • setting goals and giving feedback in a conversational and questioning manner instead of giving instructions

As a mentor, you are not expected

  • to have expertise and answers to all the actor’s questions
  • dealing with issues outside of general professional guidance
  • offering a job or internship placements for the actors

Enroll to the mentoring programme to become a mentor here

Training is available for the mentors

Savonia University of Applied Sciences offer a YAMK-level 5-credit course “From Professional to a Mentor” for free for the mentors selected for the spring 2024 mentoring program. In the course you will develop your mentoring skills and put them into practice during the spring mentoring program. More information about participating in the course will be sent after the mentors have been selected.

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*Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot pay for possible travel or other expenses related to mentoring meetings.