Offer a project or thesis work placement

Approximately 2,000 international talents study at the schools and universities of Eastern Finland. Our students are not only passing through, but according to our survey, up to 80% of them want to find employment and stay in Finland. International talents have language and cultural skills, which are useful, for example, when dealing with international partners.

Recruiting an international trainee or summer worker is an easy way for the organization to start internationalization and at the same time to examine its own readiness for a multicultural work community. A sure way to recruit and coach talents for company’s needs is to offer thesis projects for our students.


An internship refers to fixed-term work carried out for an employer, usually for a period lasting from a few weeks to three months. The purpose of an internship is to familiarize the trainee with working life and increase their professional skills. Internships are referred to as traineeships or work placements in universities and universities of applied sciences. An unemployed jobseeker’s internship is carried out through the TE Office as a work try-out. The employer must ensure that the trainee has a suitable right to work and that the trainee is provided with the appropriate tools and orientation for carrying out the work.

Finding an intern

In Finland, internships are often a compulsory part of the students’ degrees at, for example, universities of applied sciences, and trainee positions are often in high demand. Employers can search for international university trainees by advertising the internship directly in the higher education institutions’ own recruitment channels or by actively participating in the International Talent programmes organised by the institutions. In addition, a trainee can also be found in foreign higher education institutions. However, in the case of a trainee arriving from abroad, the regulations concerning their right to work must always be checked, and the trainee may need to apply for a residence permit for an internship from the Finnish Immigration Service.

Offer job for a Savonia University of Applied Sciences student

Offer job for University Eastern Finland student

Work permits

Citizens of EU and EEA countries are allowed to work in Finland without restrictions. Students from outside the EU and EEA are allowed to work full-time in practical training as part of their studies or in thesis project. In non-study-related work students can work for an average 30 hours a week. The number of working hours can be exceeded in some weeks, as long as the average working hours are no more than 30 hours per week at the end of the year. After graduation one can apply residence on the basis of work or work seeking. Read more about the opportunities for international students to work in Finland on Migri’s website