EURES assists with recruitment from Europe

EURES (European Employment Services) is a comprehensive European cooperation network and a high-quality public service that brings employees and employers together in all of Europe.

You can find free EURES services at the nearest TE Office. In addition, the employer and enterprise services experts of TE Offices can give advice on matters related to the recruitment of foreign labour.

Talent Boost Finland

Talent Boost Finland help companies to find international talents and to develop the effectiveness of multinational teams by organising networking events, recruitment campaigns and funding for the recruitment of international talents. Recruitment campaigns and events are also organised in cooperation with cities and the EURES network.

Business Finland’s services

Business Finland offers TalentExplorer funding for recruiting international talent. In addition, research and development funding can be utilized in hiring international talents, when the funded project aims to for example develop new products, services, production methods or business models