For job applicants

Are your looking for a job in Finland?  Do you want to move here permanently?

Come to Savo! This website contains information and advice to help you find a job, apply for a residence permit and settle in the region of Savo.

Many companies in Savo are looking for skilled employees. The region has various companies in, for instance, the machine and metal industry, agriculture, wood processing, health technology and the food industry, many of which operate internationally.

Five steps to Permanent job in Finland

In this section, we go through the typical steps to getting a job in Finland, if you do not have a citizenship of one of the EEA countries or Switzerland. Note, that having a residence permit for studies includes already a possibility to work 30 h per week on average. After your graduation you can apply a permit to seek job for two years.



You can start working as soon as you get a residence permit.

What is Enter Finland?

Enter Finland is a online service of the governmental Finnish Immigration Services (MIGRI). This is the most convenient place to file your residence permit application.

Working in Finland

Finland is one of best places in the world to live and work. The Finnish labour market and Finland’s workplaces operate on a foundation of equality and fairness.

Living in North Savo

Pohjois-Savo region is located in the central Finland, where east meets west. With approximately 250 000 inhabitants, it is Finland’s sixth largest region. The landscape is dominated simultaneously by pristine nature and urban cityscapes, forests and lakes

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