Finnish language

English language enables you to study and live in Finland, but to really immerse yourself to Finnish way of life you better know some Finnish as well. You can start studying Finnish before you move here. Even a small knowledge of the Finnish language makes it easier to work, get to know co-workers and neighbors, and take care of things in your free time.

Finnish language may seem difficult at first, but when you use the language boldly at work and in your free time, your skills will accumulate quickly. Start your studies today!

You can study Finnish for free on the Internet. When you live here, you can study Finnish at community colleges and many educational institutions.

It is said that Finnish is difficult, but it isn’t – it is just different!

Study Finnish

Mobile apps from Playmarket
Mobile apps from AppStore

Opi kieliä (FunEasyLearn)
Learn Phrases and learn to speak..

Ekapeli Maahanmuuttaja (Niilo Mäki Säätiö)
Learn letters and words. Suits well for children.

Courses and language teaching in the area
Free web pages

YLE Kielikoulu
Learn Finnish or Swedish from TV programmes

More choices..

Kielibuusti – Language boost