How to find job

If you are looking for work in Finland, explore vacancies, create networks for yourself, maintain your competence and contact the employers that interest you directly. A majority of jobs in Finland are hidden, and thus, you need to contact the employer directly or use your networks. In Finland it is customary contact organisations of your interest directly and ask if they have vacancies. You can call the employer directly or send an open job application by email. Many companies also offer online open job application forms on their websites.

Social networking services such as Facebook and LinkedIn are good tools for seeking employment. Many employers also use Twitter as a communication channel. In these services, you can search for information on vacancies and build professional networks. You can receive important information on the operation of different organisations and topical matters in different fields or participate in discussions.

More info about finding a job in Finland:

Matchmaking services

Job Market by the Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office or TE office (TE-toimisto)
Navigator in Kuopio and Luotsi in Joensuu are a city run employment services providing you with guidance on job hunting and information on vacancies and trainings
JobTeaser is a international job portal for UEF students
Opiskelijatö is a regional service for all students in North Savo area
EURES is a job portal offered by EU, and from there you can get a lot of information about the job markets in European countries
Jobs in Finland is a portal offered by Business Finland
Pondi is new privately operated service dedicated to serve job markets in Eastern Finland.

Temporary-work agencies

In temporary agency work the temporary-work agency is the employer, but the work is done
for the user company. From the worker’s point of view, this means that he or she enters into
an employment contract with the temporary-work agency although the work is performed
in the user company. The temporary-work agency pays the worker’s salary and handles all
other employer obligations, but the user company’s responsibility is to guide and instruct the
worker. More info here: Guidebook for temporary agency work

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