Trade unions

Most of the Finnish workers belong to a trade union. It is advisable for you to join a trade union of your professional field as soon as you start working in Finland.

The union protects your interests during your employment and helps you at all stages of your career. You can ask your union about your rights and responsibilities at work, among other things.

You can get help from your union if you have a problem in your work life, are laid off, or your employment is terminated. You can take part in training and possible leisure activities organized by the association.

When you join a union, you should join an unemployment fund at the same time. You can then receive earnings-based daily allowance if you become unemployed. Note however, that to be able to get allowance you need to have a permanent residence permit in Finland and you meet some basic work requirements.

Your union and your unemployment fund will charge you a reasonable membership fee, that is deductible in taxation.

In Finland, trade unions can be trusted. Especially as a foreigner, you should join a union – it brings security to your employment.