Life beside Studies and Work

Finland is known as the happiest country in the world and for various reasons! Kuopio city is at the heart of the Northern Savonian region, making it the home of only 119,400 people. The city is considered the 5th best place to live in Finland.

Kuopio is recognized for its Puijo Tower and the bustling market square. As a city rich in arts and cultural heritage, it also offers many theaters, music venues, and museums. Additionally, there are numerous running and skiing trails throughout the city. In winter, people enjoy sporting activities like ice skating, hockey, etc.

The town is surrounded by Lake Kallavesi, making Kuopio the most ideal place for people to be close to nature. Summer can be enjoyed by swimming, fishing, or barbecuing outdoors as all types of recreational activities are open to the public.

People in Finland are very welcoming, and that’s why about 65,000 people are attracted to Kuopio every year. There is a great chance to meet and befriend internationals from all over the world.

Kuopio’s nightlife is exciting, especially for students. Every week, there are student parties, most of which are themed and packed with adventures! The city center has bars and clubs for hanging out with friends and colleagues to unwind after a long day. Food courts, restaurants, cafés, and bookstores can also be found in the market square, some of which are open 24×7.

One of the most unique experiences of Finnish culture is the sauna. It is not only considered a form of therapy here, but it is a tradition that the people of Finland have enjoyed for generations.

Finnish people also take their holidays very seriously! Vappu is celebrated every year on May 1st, marking the end of the winter season. It is also known as International Labor Day and is one of Finland’s most celebrated occasions, along with Midsummer’s Day and Christmas.

Even though it is not known to many, Kuopio is one of the best places in Finland to view the Aurora Borealis. As Kuopio is in the Northern Savonian region, the northern lights are visible during autumn and spring.

Where to get started?

For newcomers there is specific orientation programme offered by the educational organisations (Savonia, UEF). Orientation programme includes also student tutors who´ll help you at the beginning of your stay. Your tutor will be contacting you before your arrival and greet you when you arrive to campus. Student tutors are valuable sources of information in questions related to student life.

The best way to find friends and free-time activities is to join to the student union (Savotta for Savonia and ISYY for UEF students). As a member of student union you are able to access national and local student benefits. These include discounts on public transport and many shops and restaurants.

Student´s Kuopio is a web portal full of information for students about events, discounts, and services.

SYKETTÄ is a sport service for university students of Kuopio. With very reasonable yearly membership fee you will get access to different sport facilities and clubs. SYKETTÄ offers also guidance for healthy life style and nutrition. The goal is an active, social and well-being university community.

Kompassi is an international meeting point situated in the city center. It is a part of a NGO, Settlement Puijola ry of Kuopio. Kompassi organizes multicultural activities all through the year with the help of volunteers. Kompassi promotes building of an equal society and offers activities supporting integration and participation, and advice and guidance in everyday life.

Navigator in Kuopio is a city run low threshold place where you can find professional help for finding a job or education options in Kuopio. Navigator also helps with everyday issues, such as guidance in official matters and free time activities that the city of Kuopio has to offer.

Kuopio community college offers over two thousand courses each year where students can learn new skills or continue to study subjects that they enjoy. Anyone who wishes to come may sign up for our courses without any entrance test. The fees are very reasonable and the attendance is always voluntary. There is offering for adults and also for children, teens, and seniors in many different subjects such as languages (including Finnish), handicrafts, art, music, cooking, computing, dance and exercise.